March 11th, 2004


Blasts in Spain

Do they happen in Europe (and do not happen in America) for one and the same reason - i.e. Bush needs better ratings as we come closer to reelection time?
The origin of the "al-qaida" connection is also kind of strange (an Arabic paper in London, of all places). The near unanimity of news programmes response (the final point that is to stick in the listener's mind is not ETA, never).
Let's hope more details emerge, but this is fishy.
Unlike the "terrorist alerts" that stopped French (and a couple of UK) air flights at Christmas and in January - those looked like more or less obvious fakes. Actually, it was quite clever of them to make their French enemy air companies pay for their own, US, propaganda tricks.

P.S. 12 Mar 2004: local news mentioned that attacks happened 911 days after 9-11, 2.5 years later to a day. (that means it was AQ according to the writer - but of course)
P.P.S Saw in LJ on 13 March: "А вы знаете, что завтра в Испании всеобщие выборы? Надо же."