June 10th, 2012


A Business Meeting

Выходные, надо отдыхать и веселиться. Потому предлагаю свой перевод весьма известного скетча весьма популярного ЖЖ-блоггера. Он по-моему (скетч) заслуживает самого широкого распространения в том числе и за пределами русскоязычного мира

On a Tuesday Mr Peters arrived to a business meeting in his company. There his brain was extracted, served on plates and savoured with many expressions of delight. Mr Peters' boss, Mr Harelip, ever punctilious, remembered to bring the spoons and pass them to everyone present. And so it began.

"Dear colleagues," - Ms Redriff opens, - "our company faces a great challenge. We've got a project that calls for a depiction of several red lines. Are we ready to take it on?"
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