emdrone (emdrone) wrote,

The shortest item in today's BBC news programme

The driver involved in an apparent assasination attmempt at Serbian Prime-Minister, Mr. XXX [he rammed into the presidential column of cars several times a few days ago - emdrone] works as a security guard at the American Embassy. The accident actually was a case of road rage.

An awkward three second pause after this, then the BBC logo and tune.
No further explanations.
The shortest item in today's news programme. The message left me a bit confused - so what the hell did you want to say? And why didn't you just say it?

But then on reflection I decided I got the message - now that we know the mad driver was actually proven to be a security at the AMERICAN EMBASSY, we can cheerfully banish any stupid thoughts about attacks on prime ministers. Case dismissed.
Besides the obvious "who will want to attack his own puppet", if the driver was american, it's an automatic nulle prosequi; but even if not, just consider how perverted and unsportsmanlike it would be for Presidents and Prime Ministers of most independent states of New Europe to keep grudge against cooks, chauffeurs or gardeners of the Rulers of the New World, wouldn't it?

Point, I believe, put across quite convincingly.

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